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The From Building to Blessing Tools and Resources page is a place where you’ll find some of what myself and some of my colleagues and friends and have produced over the years.  We trust that you might find something encouraging or helpful or simply interesting.

We’re updating and adding regularly with the intent of contributing some good thought, useful concepts, and practical tools to the journey of an impact entrepreneur.

Consider it always a work in progress.

Until Next Time...

This book is a collection of articles written by Ralph Gatti, a seasoned CEO, who hoped to share a unique point of view each month that was a little bit out of the mainstream of the day-to-day business communications.

From Building to Blessing Podcast

Doing good
    while doing good business

Impact Entrepreneur Profiles

Interview with Miroslav Moravský

Miroslav Moravský (63), is an entrepreneur based in Kalinovo, Slovakia, with over four decades of experience working in the glass industry and running companies in Germany and Slovakia.

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