Case Studies

At the Agathe Center for Entrepreneurship, we make regular use of case studies to enrich the understanding of our clients regarding various topics.  

Cases first became popular as a teaching method on the university level a little over a hundred years ago.  They offer many benefits.  Cases present real-life business dilemmas and decisions. In discussing them with others they challenge us to size up situations quickly while considering the broader context they are set in. A good case study discussion can challenge our biases and help us to apply concepts to reality. Cases can improve our capacity for critical analysis, judgment, decision-making, and action.

Taking time to discuss reflect upon and robustly discuss a case often leads to practical insights applicable to one’s own circumstances.  We invite you to engage with these cases and see where they lead you.

Work Life

The question of meaningful work

Rita is wondering if there really is all that much value in being her job as a cosmetologist aside from contributing her earnings to the family budget. What advice would you give her?


To plan or not to plan?

Steven's copmany has been in the business of distributing candies, cookies, cakes, and other items to small shops for 15 years, but the production of anything – let alone a sophisticated food product like chocolate – is outside their current experience.


When is it the right time to think about succession?

The years flew by, and David was now thinking about legacy and about how to pass the company on to new owners and a next generation of leadership.

Work Life

How do you look at your work?

“If you could change one thing about your work to make it more meaningful, what would you change?”


Positive leadership; how to rebuild relationships with co-workers

Peter thought that his workers should be thankful that they even had a job to return to after Covid. Instead, they were distant, even cold.

Work Life

Everyday ethics on the job

Serge casually shares that he took some extraordinary steps to hit his sales goals. When you ask him just exactly what he means, he gets a bit nervous and then tells you the whole story.


To pivot or persevere?

Should Alex continue to experiment with and expand his coffee shop business or return to his stable corporate job?


Becoming a triple-bottom line business

Jim's aspiration was a model triple-bottom line business, but he now realized that he was looking at something almost more like a turnaround. This wasn’t quite the moment Jim thought it was going to be.

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