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September 2020

Sapere aude! Dare to be wise. The Constant Learner

To be an effective teacher, coach, or manager, one has to be willing to express, with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment, the same concepts over and over again.

Of course, it is interesting and exciting to teach and to learn something new. But in fact, most of us oftentimes have to learn and deepen our understanding of key principles and concepts we already know, and that lead to success in our chosen fields and in life. This can be through refresher courses, ongoing professional education or experiential learning.

Recently, a project I was working on with others went wrong and the financial loss was great. As I assessed what led to the outcome experienced, I quickly realized that I had violated several principles of business development and investing that I not only knew to be critical, but that I have also taught and shared with others multiple times. Painfully, for me and my group, I had to learn my lesson again.

A commitment to lifelong learning is part of the fuel we need to live a fruitful life. However, it seems imperative that we also give ourselves to revisiting again things that we have learned before. Just as a good teacher, coach or manager has to be willing to express the same concepts repeatedly with enthusiasm and commitment, a lifelong learner has to be willing to revisit what they have already learned over and over again with humility.

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