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December 2020

Nothing more fulfilling

Hélène and Carolina have led the way in transitioning to online expressions of our work.

When the Agathe Center for Entrepreneurship was conceived in 2016 and then launched in 2017, we knew it would require a lot from my colleague Marek and me. To that point, our support of impact entrepreneurs had mostly involved travel and visits to do personal coaching, and the facilitating of conferences and gatherings where peer-to-peer engagement was the emphasis. All of that experience eventually led us to conclude that a training center built upon our experience and intent on being an expression of certain core values was the next step to take if we wanted to see our impact increase. This would take us to another level and it did ask much of us, as expected.

One thing we didn’t know is that we would be blessed with two bright, energetic, and gifted young colleagues who would perfectly complement our experience and whose abilities and commitment would help us go much further than we could have hoped to go otherwise. Hélène Pfeil and Carolina Herrera have been with us from the beginning. They’ve flourished in the responsibilities given to them and have become our peers in many ways. And with the pandemic disrupting most of Agathe’s core activities, Hélène and Carolina have led the way in transitioning to online expressions of our work.

What a privilege to see them grow into and assume key roles, to see them absorb critical knowledge and important values, to see them become proficient as coaches and trainers in their own rights. And now the next step – to see them assume leadership of the work. We are pleased to announce that as of January 1st, Hélène will assume the position of Director of the Agathe Center for Entrepreneurship and Carolina the position of Deputy Director. Marek and I will remain engaged regularly as Senior Consultants and as key members of Agathe’s Board. In many ways, our roles are not changing all that much, but we are excited to have Hélène assume the lead responsibility for overseeing the design, marketing, coordination and delivery our services, and perhaps most importantly the leading of our team. We are also excited that Carolina will be there by her side, and to see what the synergy between the two will bring.

Nothing has been more fulfilling than to see these capable young people make such progress and be so willing to embrace the challenge of taking this work to the next level. We have no doubt that what Hélène and Carolina build will be excellent and fruitful. We couldn’t be more pleased, or more thankful and we are looking forward to working for them. 😊

Ralph (and Marek)

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