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June 2019

Expertise: Becoming an expert

Listening to experts on whisky while in Scotland got us to thinking about how a person develops such a set of skills.

Scotland is a beautiful and amazing place to visit. Around 16 million tourists find their way there each year. One of the main attractions that draws them is the Scots’ expertise in producing whisky. It seems you can hardly move in Scotland without bumping into an opportunity to tour a distillery, sample one or more of the dozens of brands produced, and learn from experts on the complexities and nuances of the “drink of kings.”

Listening to experts on whisky got us to thinking about how a person develops such a set of skills. Around 10,000 people work in over 100 distilleries around Scotland. Some of those rise to become “experts” who drive innovations, promote best practices, and regale tourists.

At the Agathe Center for Entrepreneurship we are blessed to have access to a number of experts in many fields. They are people with gifts of intellect and emotional intelligence, who have applied themselves to particular fields, and have become deeply experienced and wise. They have become “experts.”

And better yet, experts who are willing to share their time and what they know with next generation entrepreneurs – passing on their knowledge and their stories of experience to deepen the foundations upon which our clients build their enterprises. We haven’t yet had a client who is planning to start a distillery, but we do know where we will look for experts if that was the case. In the meantime, we’re thankful to the many experts in many other fields who have contributed greatly to what we offer. Here’s to experts!

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